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Remote Trainers

Tried and tested dog training collars                                                                                             dog-training-with-dt-systems-h20-plus-remote-trainer.jpg

Dogs sometimes develop problem behaviours that can be hard to curb with conventional training methods. Whether it be the speedy escape artist off their lead, or the working Kelpie nipping the cattle a bit too enthusiastically, most dogs have moments of "selective hearing" when your voice commands are completely ignored.

It is important to correct an unwanted behaviour immediately it occurs because a dog has a very brief short term memory span. A remote training collar allows you to communicate with your dog the instant it is needed, even at a distance, by means of a static pulse that your dog is unlikely to ignore. When used in conjunction with your normal training programme, it allows you to reinforce commands, correct problems, and deter dangerous habits such as chasing kangaroos and snakes.

Our range of dog training systems covers all breeds and sizes for use in the field or backyard, and have waterproof dog receiver collars. We use brands are from respected companies that carry genuine product warranties; no cheap models that last only weeks and have no customer support. 

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