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SportDog In-Ground Fence - Discontinued

  • Sportdog Stubborn Dog Fence components
  • Sportdog In-Ground Fence Receiver Collar
  • Sportdog In-Ground Fence Transmitter with wire break alarm and in-built lightening protection
  • Training with the Sportdog in-Ground Fence Collar
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Product Description

The SportDog Stubborn Fence System has been Discountinued and is superseded by the SportDog Rechargeable Fence

Keep your dog home with a SportDog Containment System

The SportDog Stubborn In-Ground Fence System is a quick and cost effective way to keep your dog home on larger properties up to 100 acres. It's a simple to use containment system designed to stop your dog from running away, and also to keep him out of restricted areas like the chookpen and garden. Just plan your perimeter layout, install the transmitter and wire, and complete the brief dog training programme.

Extra wire can also be purchased for blocks up to 100 acres. We suggest you call us if you need to add extras to the kit, and we can eliminate some of the excess packaging and give you a better freight price

Dog Guide

  • Medium to large dogs from 12 kilos with muscular chest and neck structure
  • Hardheaded dogs with 'selective hearing' and high pain tolerance
  • Suits dogs like: Staffys, Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, Shepherds, Cattle Dogs, Hounds
  • Working Dogs and Hunting Dogs which often need a higher correction level, especially if they are used to working with a remote training collar
  • Recommended for 6 months and over: your dog must be able to understand and carry out basic commands
  • This system is not recommended for vicious or aggressive animals that may pose a threat to others
  • Recommended for healthy animals only, please consult your vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health (pregnancy, heart condition, medication etc.)


  • Quick and easy to install  
  • Covers up to 100 acres with additional wire & flags (sold separately)
  • Wire break alarm sounds on transmitter
  • Adjustable boundary width dial on transmitter
  • Anti-linger feature prevents your dog from hanging out in the warning zone and running the battery down
  • Waterproof and submersible Receiver Collar with 4 correction levels plus Tone/Vibration only. The top level is about 50% stronger than the PetSafe Ultralight Collar
  • System works with multiple pets: additional collars required
  • Collar is compatible with most PetSafe and SportDOG wired containment fence systems
  • NOT compatible with the SportDOG Rechargeable Fence System.

Package Contents  

  • Transmitter with power adaptor and built-in lightening protection
  • Stubborn In-Ground Fence Collar on vinyl collar strap (160g)
  • Replaceable 9v battery for collar (life 3-6 months)
  • Test Light Tool
  • 2x150 metre roll of wire & 100 Boundary Flags to cover up to 1 acre
  • Wire splices as required
  • Product Manual with full training programme Download Manual

Benefits of a Dog Containment System

  • Quick to install, under 4 hours for an average yard
  • Can be used as an invisible barrier to avoid blocking views and light
  • Easy temporary fence for holiday homes
  • Dog can't dig under, jump over or chew through
  • More affordable than a physical fence

How does it work?

The transmitter box plugs into a standard power outlet, it is NOT waterproof. The boundary wire is laid in a complete loop around your yard, with both ends connected to the transmitter. A radio signal travels along this wire and creates a field which becomes the 'Correction Zone'. Your dog wears a receiver collar that detects the radio signal as he approachs the outer edge of this zone. He will hear a warning tone and then receive a static pulse if he does not retreat into his pet area as trained. This mild static pulse is harmless; you have probably felt a similar sensation from touching a car door or brushing against someone. It works very much like the Tens Machine that a Physiotherapist uses to stimulate your muscles (this is why a dog with strong neck muscles often requires a collar with a choice of stronger correction levels). The radio signal from the SportDog In-Ground Fence can only react with the Receiver Collar; no need to worry about the kids playing in the yard.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, once you have planned your layout, an average yard takes less than 4 hours to install. It is even quicker if you have 2 people working together, one unrolling the wire and one attaching it to the fence.

Your transmitter is must be sited near an electrical outlet, usually in a laundry or garage. Install at least 1m from large metal objects or appliances. The transmitter box can be also be used in a metal shed if you mount it on a wooden panel about 500x500mm, and then attach the panel to the shed wall.

Next lay out the boundary wire making a circuit of your yard. When you get back to the start, twist the two wires together from the boundary to the transmitter to cancel the signal along that double stretch of wire and allow your dog to cross safely

For an invisible fence, use a spade or lawn edger to make a trench to bury the wire 1-3 inches deep. You can also attach the wire to existing structures, lay it on the ground in thick scrub, or use a combination of methods. Driveways are crossed by cutting a shallow groove across the surface, then laying the wire in the groove and caulking over it. Or, you can lay the wire in the expansion joint and caulk over it. Wire can cross beneath gravel by laying it through electrical conduit.

If you have an existing fence and need to stop the dog digging out, attach the  wire lower down the fence so the signal reaches beneath the ground. If your dog scrambles up the fence to escape, place the wire nearer the top. If he takes a running leap over the fence, bring the wire back to his take-off point and bury it underground.

How do I train my dog?

The boundary line is temporarily marked with flags to remind your dog of where the boundary is for training purposes. These are gradually removed over a few weeks towards the end of your training sessions.

The dog training programme is essential for the success of the Sportdog In-Ground Fence. The training programme consists of 3 x 10 minute sessions times a day for up to two weeks. You follow the steps to introduce your dog to the boundary and teach him to "turn and retreat" when he hears the warning tone. As your dog learns the system, you test him with the things that would usually tempt him away, until eventually he can be safely left alone. You must contain your dog by another method (chain or pen) until training is complete. If you are training several pets, work with one at a time to avoid distractions. You should reinforce training on a regular basis with brief refresher sessions.

The Collar Receiver can be set on different levels to suit the temperament of your dog. If set on level '2' or higher, the correction level will automatically increase the longer he remains in the 'Correction Zone' to prevent lingering and draining the battery.

Sample Boundary Layout

The basic loop layout allows your dog access to your entire property. 

Run the wire out to the boundary and around the property. Twist the wire around the one that went out on the way back into the transmitter so the dog can safely cross.




Area of Block in Acres

Total Amount of Wire (2 rolls included in kit)

1/4 acre
                  127 metres       -       1 roll
1/3 acre
                  147 metres       -       1 roll
1/2 acre
                  180 metres       -       2 rolls
  1 acre
                  255 metres       -       2 rolls
   2 acres
                  360 metres       -       3 rolls
   3 acres
                  441 metres       -       3 rolls
   4 acres
                  509 metres       -       4 rolls
   5 acres
                  570 metres       -       4 rolls
   6 acres
                  623 metres       -       5 rolls
   7 acres
                  673 metres       -       5 rolls
   8 acres
                  720 metres       -       5 rolls
   9 acres
                  763 metres       -       6 rolls
 10 acres
                  805 metres       -       6 rolls
 11 acres
                  844 metres       -       6 rolls
 12 acres
                  881 metres       -       6 rolls
 13 acres
                  917 metres       -       7 rolls
 14 acres
                  952 metres       -       7 rolls
 15 acres
                  986 metres       -       7 rolls
 16 acres
                1018 metres       -       7 rolls
 17 acres
                1049 metres       -       7 rolls
 18 acres
                1080 metres       -       8 rolls
 19 acres
                1109 metres       -       8 rolls
 20 acres
                1143 metres       -       8 rolls
 30 acres
                1402 metres       -     10 rolls 
 40 acres
                1624 metres       -     11 rolls
 50 acres
                1798 metres       -     12 rolls
 60 acres
                1981 metres       -     14 rolls
 70 acres
                2133 metres       -     15 rolls
 80 acres
                2286 metres       -     16 rolls
 90 acres
                2438 metres       -     17 rolls
100 acres
                2545 metres       -     17 rolls

Warranty Information

3 Year Warranty
30 Guarantee

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