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About DT Systems

DT Systems for quality dog training collars built to last


D.T. Systems has been manufacturing dog training collars since 1983 that are designed to withstand the roughest treatment and the toughest conditions. Their products are extremely durable, reliable and always simple to understand and operate. Their dog training equipement is put through rigourous testing in extreme conditions by their team of leading dog training professionals, who also assist in new product development.

This tradition of quality is balanced by ground-breaking innovations and new “cutting edge” technology. D.T. Systems has led the industry by introducing Digital Microcomputer Technology, as well as intensity levels adjustable from the transmitter, features that are now standards in the industry. Digital systems are also more durable and electronically efficient; they use less battery power and allow for longer use between charges, features every user can appreciate. They were also the first to offer the Vibration Assist feature which is and the 360° MAXX-Range Internal Antenna System for consistent and reliable training range.

DT Systems dog training collars are designed in the USA and manufactured in Korea.

Advanced e-collar technology from DT Systems


D.T. Systems' exclusive MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Antenna collar wraps 360 degrees around the entire collar unit. A digital micro processing chip in the collar allows the MAXX-Range 360™ Antenna to use a clearer, stronger and more penetrating FM signal which conforms to the terrain. Weaker straight-line AM antenna signals, found on other brands, are easily blocked by obstacles and terrain thereby minimizing range and effectiveness. Ultimately, the MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Antenna System allows users to enjoy an extended range beyond that of the old fashioned external antenna or internal "Box" style antennas.







 D.T. Systems' exclusive Vibration Assist™ feature has taken the dog training industry by storm, offering a positive no-shock alternative to electronic stimulation. With proper training techniques, D.T.'s Vibration Assist™ can be used to classically condition your dog and may eliminate the need for other types of electronic stimulation altogether. It is also a great choice for deaf dogs to attract their attention.







D.T. Systems' advanced digital technology Gentle Touch™ stimulation allows the collar to be pre-programmed at extremely low level settings. Stimulation can then be increased in very small increments allowing users to pinpoint the most effective level of stimulation for their training situation without over stimulating the dog and damaging the training relationship.






D.T.Systems MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Antenna System Technology, the industry's only internally woven collar antenna, gives consistent and reliable range.