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DT Systems H2O 1820 Plus 3 Dog Remote Trainer

  • The H2O 1820 Plus 1600m is the top of the range professional dog training system from DT Systems, leaders in the industry
  • The H2O Plus collar is a rugged, waterproof collar that stands up to heavy use in all terrains.
  • Size comparison of H2O Plus collar (left) and Micro iDT Plus collar (right)
  • H2O Plus ergonomic handset design allows easy no look use
  • The H2O handset is waterproof and floats, a unique feature from DT Systems
  • D.T.Systems MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Antenna System Technology, the industry's only internally woven collar antenna, for reliable and consistent range
  • D.T. Systems' exclusive MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Antenna collar antenna wraps 360 degrees around the entire collar unit. A digital micro processing chip in the collar allows the MAXX-Range 360™ Antenna to use a clearer, stronger and more penetrating FM signal which conforms to the terrain. Weaker straight-line AM antenna signals, found on other brands, are easily blocked by obstacles and terrain thereby minimizing range and effectiveness. Ultimately, the MAXX-Range 360™ Internal Antenna System allows users to enjoy an extended range beyond that of the old fashioned external antenna or internal "Box" style antennas.
  • D.T. Systems' exclusive Vibration Assist™ feature has taken the dog training industry by storm, offering a positive no-shock alternative to electronic stimulation. With proper training techniques, D.T.'s Vibration Assist™ can be used to classically condition your dog and may eliminate the need for other types of electronic stimulation altogether.
  • D.T. Systems' advanced digital technology Gentle Touch™ stimulation allows the collar to be pre-programmed at extremely low level settings. Stimulation can then be increased in very small increments allowing users to pinpoint the most effective level of stimulation for their training situation without over stimulating the dog and damaging the training relationship.
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Product Description

H2O 1820 Plus Training Collar

The H2O Plus is our top of the range long distance dog training collar, ideal for working dogs and hunting dogs. Fully waterproof and rechargeable, the H2O Plus was designed for professional use in the harshest environments. You can't get much tougher than our Outback and our customers on stations across Australia have tested the H2O Plus out mustering and hunting and it stands out as a rugged and reliable performer.

  • 1600 metre range, reliable in all terrains
  • Suits all temperaments and works well for farm dogs and hunting over longer distances
  • Digital technology to maximise power
  • Control 1-3 dogs, add a collar any time
  • Waterproof, high visibility handset floats
  • Ready to code in extra collars if needed
  • SmartLED charging and battery life status indicator
  • Safety shut-off after 8 seconds prevents prolonged stimulation
  • Fully repairable handset and collars, not machine sealed

Package Contents

  • Remote Transmitter with lanyard
  • Collar Receivers x3
  • Batteries for transmitter and collar receivers
  • Battery charger with splitter cables
  • Test Light Tool
  • Product Manual and Training Manual     Download Manual
  • Display Box

The ergonomic handset sits firmly in the hand thanks to the no-slip rubber coating, and the controls are very easy to operate without looking down. The correction dial starts with a very low level suitable for the most sensitive dog, and increases gradually to the range needed for very headstrong, or strongly muscled, large dogs. DT Systems favours the Vibration training feature over Tone as they believe dogs respond more quickly to physical stimuli over audible tone. Many of our farmers find that their dogs respond so well to Vibration that they seldom need to use the static correction. Vibration is also great to get the attention a deaf dog. If you should manage to drop the handset riding through a creek, it is waterproof and floats, so no harm done if you catch it quick!

The H2O Plus Series lets you operate up to 3 collars off the same handset, just flick the Selector Switch to the black, green or orange dot that matches the collar. This allows each dog to be trained with the choice of 'Vibration', 'Nick' or 'Continuous', unlike some remote trainers which allocate each dog to a button and limit choice to stimulation only. If you decide to add another collar to your system just give us a call to order one, and when it arrives follow the simple instructions to code it in to your handset.

The H2O Plus has tough collars that stand up well to hard wear. We've even had some hit by pigs that were gouged but not broken and probably saved the dog's life. You'll get 3-5 days battery life on avereage and you can top them up if you get caught short with a 12v charger (regular charges should always be done on 240v).  DT's patented Maxx- Range 360 Antenna runs the length of the collar strap and enables more consistent contact between the handset and collar, even in rough or hilly terrain. Dt Systems collars operate on a low frequency FM signal and have the best range out of the many we have field tested. Many budget remote trainers operate on high frequency radio waves which are easily blocked by obstacles and terrain, meaning the signal may not always reach the collar when you need it.

If you need the 1600m range, but you have a mix of dog sizes, or working dogs AND pig dogs, take a look at the Micro iDT Plus collar which is compatible with the H2O Plus handset. (see comparison photo above). This is a lighter more compact collar that's great for working Kelpies and Collies or smaller pig dogs that won't be in the strike zone. Give us a call and we can customise a system to suit your needs.

DT Systems is from the United States and are one of the oldest dog collar manufacturers in the world, renowned for  their innovative, professional standard dog training systems.

Your dog should be able to understand and carry out simple obedience commands before beginning training with the H20 Plus, approximately 6 months old on average.

More Details


  • Waterproof and rechargeable handset with lanyard
  • Rechargeable 7.2 volt Ni-MH battery. Approx 30 days of training per charge
  • 16 correction levels on selector dial (top left)
  • Solid screw-in aerial
  • 4 buttons: Nick and Stim (front) Vibration and Vibe with Stim (sides)
  • Toggle collar selector switch: black, green, orange (front below buttons)
  • Ready to programme in extra Add-on collars
  • Weight: 48g H170mm x W40mm x D20mm

Collar Receiver

  • Waterproof and rechargeable module on vinyl strap with metal buckle
  • Maax Range embedded aerial in vinyl strap
  • On/Off button
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH 4.8 volt battery, approx 3-5 days of training per charge
  • SmartLED charging and battery life status indicator
  • 12 hours recharge
  • Car charger available, for occassional use only (extra $22)
  • Weight 240g

Tip: To get the best life out of your training collar:

  • Keep the collar clean where you plug the charger in; grit and salt can cause rust to form on the charging pin and prevent the charger from giving the collar a full charge
  • Rinse the collar after it's been immersed in salt water and dry thoroughly, especially where you plug the charger in
  • Get the maximum life from your collar battery by giving it a charge once a month, even if you aren't using it

DT Systems Parts & Accessories: Contact us for a full range of parts

Warranty Information

2 Year Warranty
30 day Guarantee

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